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We are a company dedicated to marketing, design and technology development for 3D printers. We are focused on the manufacturing system based on the fused deposition modelling or 'FDM', in which the model or part is produced by extruding small flattened strings of molten material to form layers as the material hardens immediately after extrusion,

VISION We believe that the arrival of 3D printers to the market opened the door to a whole new field for exploration, research and optimization of this very emerging technology. Our projects are focused on getting the most out of these production processes by constantly seeking innovation.

GOALS We are confident that these new production mechanisms will generate major changes both in industry and in a household level, and the possibility that we have to be part of this revolution helps us to move forward, putting the best of our efforts and will.

3D Printers

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Simply plug PASTABOT to your 3D printer and start printing with the most diverse materials.

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3D printing is a manufacturing process used for small-scale production of objects from a digital model. The final print is achieved by adding fine layers of material on top of each other. Starting from the bottom up to the final object. It differs from traditional subtractive techniques that are based on removing material from a block to obtain the desired object.


Although 3D printers have been around for a considerable time, it wasn’t until recently that they began to get into the market. This technology already generated a revolution in the design field, as it allows to quickly obtain a prototype true to the original, facilitating its study and testing for future changes. Also, it doesn’t require a matrix which reduces printing costs allowing fast and cheap prototyping.


The 3D printer uses plastic as the source material, being ABS and PLA the most common of them. There are many types, qualities and specific properties like glow in the dark, ones that imitate natural materials or change color depending on temperature. The piece to be printed will influence the decision on what material to choose. For example, a piece of engineering, such as a gear, will need greater strength because of the type of effort it will be submitted to and it is advisable to use ABS.

Chimak 3D provides these two materials in different colors, which will provide the possibility to print your work fluidly and with great quality.

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